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A Message from Professor Elemental  
Listen. Just what is that noise? It’s definitely coming from inside that shed. It’s locked, but I wouldn’t try knocking if I were you.  Not until Ms. Emmett is quite finished. Interrupting her at work might be dangerous, particularly for whatever or whoever she is working on.
You’ve heard of Ms. Emmett of course? The famed explorer who went hunting the last of the Dodos and came back with the fluffy Wack-a-doodle? She put the poor beast on display and earned a great deal of fame in certain circles. Word is that she can speak to the Wack-a-doodle and it does her every bidding. I wouldn’t cross her, just in case.
If not, perhaps you might know Ms. Emmett for her work on the Protean Actuator. That marvelous machine made of valves and tubes and never before seen colours,  too complex for anyone in the scientific community to even grasp.  Apart from Ms. Emmett of course, and she says that she will reveal its true purpose when the world is finally ready for it.
No? Well, you simply must have heard word from social circles about Ms. Emmett's uncle. Great Uncle Logos, who traveled the world in a balloon and learned of techniques for travelling the world using his mind. Word about town is that he will show you how, if you bring him the correct amount of Battenberg on a silver tea tray.
How do I know Ms. Emmett? Well, there’s a story. I could tell you how she kidnapped me and stole me away to keep in her shed as her muse until she had created the requisite amount of art to allow me to leave, (no matter how I begged her to let me stay another few weeks) but that might not be entirely true. I could tell you how she once turned up at elemental manor with serving staff and a full buffet, but that all of the serving staff were mice and they made the most appalling job of providing afternoon tea, but that wouldn’t be the whole picture.
Perhaps it’s best that you discover for yourself. Listen. The noise has ceased for a moment. The grinding, sawing, whirring and clicking has quietened. Go. Knock on the door. Have a look around. Of course it might be dangerous, but it will most certainly be fun. And that’s what it’s all about after all.

Professor Elemental 
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