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The Titillating 


(42"x 30"x 30") 2012 

This chair caused quite a stir at an art show in 2016. It seems that it was quite offensive to one young man. So much so that he told me "There's nothing titillating about it." And "You should take it out and burn it." And he even went so far as to write it in my guestbook. Which must have disgusted him further because my book is always

placed on the same said chair. 

While these comments would offend some, I find them fun and entertaining. It tells me I'm on the right track if some find it offensive. It means my work isn't being seen as puppies and lollipops.

I find this chair to be quite fun and even got my boss, my son and quite a few others to take photos in compromising positions! All in the name of art, of course.

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