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Professor Elemental


The good professor like you have never seen him. Right after their creation I was accused by the good Professor himself, of using this chap as a Voodoo Doll. Hmmmm......ideas. 



The good professor's butler and companion. Geoffrey was created when Professor Elemental used his Cranial Cutter and did a bit of brain swapping! He recently was lost in time and only recovered through the use of a pair of unreliable trousers. 


Post Script!

The Professors suggestion gave me pause. I hadn't realized what an asset I had until I saw a message online that he posted about his lovely knees causing him issues. I went to the doll and realized I had left a pin in the fabric while I had been sewing it. Upon it's removal, remarkably, he posted that his knees were feeling better suddenly and credited the gin lunch he had earlier in the day. 

I continued to test the theory with much success. With his continued comments about elbows, bottoms, and other various parts I verified that the doll was a consistent means of torturing him and it was working just as he had initially feared. 

Recognizing that there was a danger if anyone else got hold of my amazing dolls, and because it was getting a tad bit boring  (I was running out of parts to afflict), I thought it best for him to have them in his possession. He quite agreed and swore that he wasn't angry with me despite the year of agony I had caused him. And asked  me if  I would meet him at an undisclosed location, where he would be performing the next week. I agreed although I feared repercussions.


I was happily surprised that he was quite charming. At least at first. Upon the delivery of the Voodoo Dolls, he grinned at me and said "At last I have you my pretties!" in a maniacal tone that chilled me to the bone. He quickly caught himself. Then he took them with a gleam in his eye, that only looked slightly murderous, and assured me that they would be safe with him. 


I cannot swear that when he got back to his lodgings they didn't immediately go into the furnace. However I suspect they didn't because he appears to be alive and well, and not in fact, cremated.  Although I couldn't possibly know for sure. 

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